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Mapping party in Rio de Janeiro

What a smooth orgazination from Swissnex !! As a well oiled Swiss clock the cyclists (including some of the BeMap team) went and ride the city to collect a massive amount of measurments in a really nice friendly atmosphere.

We got beautiful maps as a result:


And pretty graphs too,


Also as an add-on to the bicycle mapping we did an experiment by measuring with the device bay walking in the centro area of the city. For me it was a great experience to be able to visit the centro area by walking every single streets with Adriano (from Swissnex) who was a wonderful guide to talk me through the history of the buildings and places.  From our two hours walking tour we also collected interesting data, from the devices we carried but also from the one we dropped at the fixed air quality monitoring station in downtown Rio.



Fixed BeMap in the downtown area

To wrap up I would say it was a really productive day thanks to the mistakes we made in Sao-Paulo.

Many thanks to all the cyclists who participated and the museum crew that made everything possible thanks to their amazing place and motivation. Also many thanks to Swissnex who organized everything in a smoothly fashion.

Let’s see what tommory will be made of.


Mapping party in Sao Paulo

Yesterday the BeMap team was at the Praça dos Arcos Vegana in Sao Paulo to distribute the BeMaps to the voluntary cyclists who took part at the mapping party.

The cyclists recolted an amazing amount of useful data in a great and friendly ambience.

Check out the pictures of the event on facebook

We had an amazing time, and many contact and freinds were made thanks to the delicious food of : #cozinhaosãopaulo

Also we would like to promote some amazing projects:

Vá melhor de bicicleta!

Also many thanks to swissnex Brazil for making things happen:


That was on the odd Sunday when the sun ruled supreme

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After a filling breakfast, it was off to the in house chalet

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He would get kicked out of lessons and go to the music room

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