Bicycle Environnemental Mapping : BeMap

The BeMap device is a bike lamp featuring GPS tracking and sensors measuring pollution along your cycling route. Cyclists can gather data about their surroundings in order to chose their path to work according to pollution values.

You want to know how it’s work, the project is open source so just continue reading !



A complete autonomous bicycle lamp. Charging by a standard USB cable while transfering the data to your PC.


The device measure CO, NO2, temperature and humidity. Other sensors could be added (pression sensor on the way !)


Really easy-to-use, the integrated accelerometer detect when you are using your bike, and send the device to sleep mode during inactivity.


A GPS is recording your way to geo-locate the pollution measure, you also get the GPS timestamp. The flash memory store everythink in the device.


We are four motivated and young student from EPFL studing micro-enginnering. We were developing the BeMap project during our second year as an extra-school project.

We are sharing many values and life style choices, but the few that we really try to communicate through our project are :

  • Educating people to new technologies
  • Making Open source content
  • Making pollution measurable and understandable
  • Bringing new tools to involve people into environmental awareness


Benjamin Bonnal

Electronic enginner

An amazing singer, and always smiling, without Benjamin working on BeMap would never be so funny. He love quadcopter, and is always aware of new hack. He does an exelent job at finding components. Back

Micha Burger

Software ingenner

Micha is our truck driver, he also like climbing and walking in the mountain. In the software developement, he was our king in the BeMap team. Every time when some stress arrived, his humour spread his optimist mind. Back

Yoann Lapijover

Electronic enginner

Yoann is a sailor, always on the lake when the sun shine. He does an amazing routing job and some soft debugging. Back

Chloe Dickson

Communication manager

Chloe is an amazing cycliste, she love bike. She care about human being, justice and equality of chances. Like every one on the team she study micro-enginering and is completly crazy about weird robot. Back



Mapping party in Rio de Janeiro

- 12 mai 2016

What a smooth orgazination from Swissnex !! As a well oiled Swiss clock the cyclists (including some of the BeMap team) went and ride the city to... more

Mapping party in Sao Paulo

- 7 mai 2016

Yesterday the BeMap team was at the Praça dos Arcos Vegana in Sao Paulo to distribute the BeMaps to the voluntary cyclists who took part at the... more

BeMap @ NanoTera annual meeting

- 30 avril 2016

Last Monday and Tuesday, the BeMap team was kindly invited to show off the project at the annual meeting of NanoTera. The event took place at the... more

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